Crime & Prison

At Dillex, our team of criminal lawyers recognizes just how stressful the prospect of any form of criminal proceedings can be.

Whether it is our clients’ first experience of this situation or not, our team of lawyers specialising in Criminal Law operate a sensitive and understanding approach to all clients, during what is usually a very distressing and traumatic time for them and we pride ourselves on our ability to take steps to relieve this pressure from the minute our team of highly committed Criminal Law Solicitors get involved.

These experienced Criminal Law Solicitors, and the Caseworkers that assist them, are equipped to deal with all criminal matters and provide specialist advice, assistance and representation at Police Stations, Magistrates Court and at Crown Court.

The firm has substantial experience in and has gained a national reputation for criminal and regulatory work. The firm works with other professionals to provide a top quality service.

Be assured that we shall provide you with fearless, rigorous and effective defense and use all the proper and lawful means to secure the best outcome for you.

Please feel free to contact us for free, no obligation confidential advice to see if we can be of assistance to you.