Civil Litigation

Often disputes between individuals or businesses can be resolved early on but sometimes you may require assistance in settling such disputes. We are here to offer advice and assistance in resolving disputes. It may be that we can help negotiate on your behalf or maybe even issue legal proceedings on your behalf or where necessary defend proceedings.

We can advise on the strength of your case, possible outcomes and all options open to you. Litigation can sometimes prove costly and lengthy and it is therefore sensible to seek legal advice early on so as to minimize costs and prevent unnecessary costs.

We offer advice and assistance in the following areas:

  • Debt Problems - have you found yourself in financial difficulties that you can no longer manage? Have you been threatened with legal proceedings or had legal proceedings commenced against you? We can help negotiate repayments of your debts or discuss your options including bankruptcy.

  • Family matters - We aim to resolve matters on an amicable basis and can arrange a referral to mediation to assist in relation to any family dispute on your behalf. However, in the event that the other party is not co-operating fully, we will advise and represent you, in Court, if necessary, and work towards the best result for you.

  • Employment Disputes - Obtaining legal advice on your documentation and procedures before a problem emerges will entail a much lower cost to you, in respect of both time and money, than if you wait until an employee or employer brings a claim. However, where you have tried to resolve issues amicably and the other party is not responding positively, then we can assist by representations at employment tribunal and will guide you all the way until you receive all entitlements due to you.

  • Boundary Disputes - do you have a disagreement with your neighbor over where the fence should actually be? We can offer guidance on the best way to resolve such a dispute.

  • Building Disputes - unfortunately not all building works we have done are completed to a satisfactory standard. By law, services provided must be to a satisfactory standard and therefore we can offer advice in correcting such building works.

  • Consumer Matters - any goods we buy from businesses must be of a satisfactory standard, if you have purchased goods that are sub-standard we can offer assistance in replacing them, repairing them, or maybe even obtaining compensation for you.

  • Debt Recovery - have you loaned someone money and havent been repaid, we can assist in recovering the debt on your behalf

  • Landlord and Tenant disagreements - whether you are a landlord having problems with your tenant/s or a tenant experiencing problems with your landlord, we can provide advice and assistance on how to resolve matters

  • Repossession- are you being threatened with eviction? Whether you are renting or own your home we can advise you on your circumstances.

  • Contested Probate - if you believe that a Will is invalid or you wish to challenge the contents of a Will we can advise you on the possible outcomes.

Depending on your circumstances and merits of your case we may be able to offer you legal advice and assistance on Legal Aid. This scheme is publicly funded and therefore any advice or assistance received will be at no cost to you. If your case is likely to be lengthy and complex we may also be able to apply for full Public Funding (Legal Aid), which is likely to cover all advice and assistance and representation by either your solicitor or barrister.

Please contact us immediately to discuss if you need advice in any of these areas.